Development Coaching Course Launceston August 29th-30th

Essentially the course consists of ten core units (indicated below), an introduction and conclusion. The course is theoretically and practically based, with swimming, cycling, running, and transition sessions containing substantial practical time (therefore all triathlon gear/equipment needed – no wetsuit).

The focus of the course is: to develop coaches working with triathletes / para-triathletes who are preparing to compete in triathlon races.

  • The coach in action
  • The coaching process
  • Swimming for triathlon
  • Cycling for triathlon
  • Running for triathlon
  • Transitions for triathlon
  • Fitness, conditioning, and athlete preparation for triathlon
  • The  junior triathlete – long term development
  • Planning and programming for triathlon
  • The mature triathlete

In terms of assessment there are four components:

  • Attend the course for its complete duration (all sessions)
  • Complete the course workbook
  • Observe and work with a mentor coach for a total of 24 hours; then conduct a coaching session that is observed by an assessor
  • Design a three month training program for a triathlete at any level

If you have any questions please let me know.

Thank you.

Casey Mainsbridge

Lecturer Health and Physical Education Specialisations and Physical Activity Studies

Course Coordinator: BEd (HPE) & BPAS

Faculty of Education


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