2022/2023 Club Championships


*The Club Championships will be made up of 5 races. An athletes top 4 scores are counted towards their total and are broken up into the following categories:

• Open

• Junior (15-19)

• Senior (20-39)

• Veteran (40-49)

• Super Veteran (50+)

An additional category will be made for youth athletes (12-14). Their points will be tallied from their performance within the short course races.

Points will be allocated from 25, 24, 23, 22, 21, etc. respectively to their position within their category. Once the points reach 5 all athletes below that position will receive 5 points.

Volunteers’ points will be allocated. If an athlete volunteers for a race they will receive an average of their points for that race. Volunteering on the first race will see your points for that race pending until you receive and average for the season.