Break O’Day Community Triathlon Media Release

News release     The Break O’Day Community Triathlon is definitely on March 4th 2018

This is a new and exciting event for the Break O’DAY area. Being the inaugural official Triathlon there is great expectation that the event will not only create major interest throughout the State but also within the local area with hopefully many juniors and adults participating.

The Triathlon will be based on the St.Helens foreshore in front of the Council Chambers.
The President of the Triathlon committee, Barry Le Fevre, reports participants will swim in beautiful Georges Bay, ride on a fully closed road half way to Binalong Bay and run along a partially closed Main Road before entering the famous Bay Walking Track. ‘The course showcases the beauty of our area’.

There will be 3 different events on Sunday morning March 4th. The first is a Junior Enticer commencing at 9.00 a.m. with the distances being; swim-350 metres, bike ride-10 km. and run 2.5 km. This will be followed by an adult Enticer at 9.30 over the same distances.
‘The idea behind the Enticers is to allow locals and visitors to dip their toe in the Triathlon scene and see if it appeals to them’ he reported. ‘Why not do it as a team of 3 with mates for your first attempt’?
The Sprint event  at 10.00 a.m. is mainly focussed at your more serious Triathletes with the distances being; swim-750 metres, bike ride-20 km. and run 5 km.

We envisage the Sprint will be completed by 12.00 pm. with presentations shortly after.

The Triathlon committee are delighted to report that there will be over $7000 worth of prize money and spot prizes on offer for the 3 races. This is expected to create great interest within State Triathlon circles and quite possibly interstate as well. We have been informed that several triathletes from South Australia could be entering.

In organising the Triathlon, with the support of the Launceston Triathlon group, the committee have a clear goal for the event. They not only want visiting athletes to feel welcome in Break O’Day and stimulate the local economy through their presence but also showcase what the area has to offer whilst allowing local residents the opportunity to see elite athletes compete.
We want people to appreciate and celebrate this new and exciting event.

The Break O’DAY Municipality has in the last several years suffered from a cluster of suicides Barry reported. ‘Our triathlon offers locals the chance to participate, volunteer or just simply turn up and watch. No matter your level of involvement there is an opportunity for community members to network, enjoy themselves and have another focus.’
Already locals are training, swimming in groups, out on the bike and running. This all helps to create added wellbeing.

Jake Birtwhistle, our World under 23 Champ, visited the St.Marys and St.Helens Schools with Barry in November, encouraging students to have a go at the event. The committee is hopeful that at least 40-50 local students will participate.
Jake hopes to one day be free to participate but this year can’t as he is overseas training for the Commonwealth games. Students were in awe of his training bike, valued at $15 000 and the fact he trains 5 hours per day.

Sunday March 4th is an ideal date as the water temperature will be warm, the weather should be good and it is the Sunday before a long weekend.
Why not make a weekend of fun and entertainment, go to the famous Fingal Valley Festival on Saturday March 3rd and then move on to the Triathlon on Sunday.

The committee have been thrilled with offers of support, including volunteers, from key community organisations such as SES, Marine Rescue, Scamander Surf Club, Neighbourhood House, St.Helens Athletics Carnival and many others.
The Break O’DAY Council and State Government have both financially supported the event significantly with Council staff also working to ensure the Triathlon is a success.

Food vans will be in attendance offering goodies ranging from smoked pulled pork to Wonks famous fish patties to Blue Cave delights.
Athletes have treats on offer with plenty of cool water, popsicles and even a massage from the local Relax staff as well as the amazing prize money and spot prizes.

Be part of a wonderful day; register, volunteer or simply watch an exciting new event.

Registration can be found online at the Launceston Triathlon Group website or Facebook the Break O’DAY Community Triathlon.

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